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Some of AICC project beneficiaries attending a training while wearing masks

COVID-19 has had an insightful influence on so many of us. It has lifted our daily living in ways that were unconceivable since it emerged. It has also made our action stronger than ever considering the fact that, much as COVID-19 is amidst us we still need to continue offering essential services to our beneficiaries. Our comprehensive challenge is not just health, but deprived of the means for a decent life as well. We must continue helping our stakeholders as part of promoting business and building resilience communities to improve livelihoods of both families and societies.

At this critical time, AICC is prouder than ever to serve its stakeholders. We are fiercely committed to keeping our promises to the community we are serving. Ever since COVID-19 emerged, we moved rapidly to adjust our operations and to continue serving our beneficiaries safely. AICC as an organisation is actively responding to COVID-19 by observing various preventive measures as we are implementing our activities. This global crisis will not be over next week or next month. We expect the long-term effect on our business to be profound, and that’s why we are taking decisive steps now to keep our activities operational.

One of the most effective ways we are doing in helping to combat the spread of COVID-19, and limit its impact on fragile health systems, is by building our beneficiaries knowledge, provision of PPEs and awareness. We are promoting preventative action in communities, including washing hands regularly, wearing of masks and observing social distancing measures in all our project’s activities. All these are done in line with national government and WHO guidelines and recognised best practices.

As AICC we are using a range of channels to reach people with the information they need to stay safe and healthy. In all our activities, we are working closely with the government to share advice, encouraging people to follow the latest guidelines and raising awareness through announcements and adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures. AICC is ensuring that all the messages we share are not only accurate, but also culturally appropriate, gender responsive, available in local languages, and accessible. We are also working to anticipate, and mitigate against, future challenges that will arise after the initial emergency response. We are continuing our work to strengthen COVID-19 preventive measures, and advocate for people’s access to essential services. We are rapidly adapting our work to ensure we do all we can to keep people safe and well, both during this crisis, and in the challenging months to come, when we know the impact on routine health services will be felt the hardest.


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