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Business Entrepreneurship in Northern Malawi

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The agricultural sector of Malawi continues to suffer from negative perceptions. Youth and women find that farmers do backbreaking labour, and in return only reap minimal benefits. Instead, women and youth would rather settle in urban areas to work in white-collar positions and find better employment opportunities. Both women and youth need to see that there are opportunities in the agricultural sector that are successful and profitable. With agriculture being the main sector driving the economy, it is important that the women and youth be more involved within the agricultural sector through agribusinesses.

The Legumes Development Trust partnered with WUSC, a global development organization that improves education, employment, and empowerment opportunities for youth, women, and refugees to train farmers in Business Entrepreneurship. These farmers specialized in legumes, creating products such as peanut butter and cooking oil. The trainings took place in cooperatives around the Northern parts of Malawi, Mzimba and Rumphi. These trainings taught farmers what it means to be an entrepreneur, business and marketing skills, as well as how to develop and start their own businesses. Equipping them with these skills will allow farmers to continuously improve their existing businesses thus creating successful, sustainable agribusinesses. From these trainings, more women and youth have essential skills that allow them to participate and flourish within the agricultural sector.


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