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Conservation Agriculture Demonstration Plots

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Sustainable Agribusiness Initiative is an agri-business stakeholder platform aimed at fostering engagement in the development of the agricultural sector and facilitating the development of public private partnerships contextually within the agricultural value chain. SABI provides a platform where various stakeholders in the agricultural sector engage and partner to demonstrate on sustainable and profitable agricultural practices. Up-scaling Conservation Agriculture through SABI training farms is one of the pillars of in SABI. As such, AICC facilitated the mounting of demonstration plots by private sector players to show case various agriculture technologies. Central to this is the promotion of conservation farming as a conduit to sustainable production of commodities being grown. These demonstration plots provide a further opportunity for stakeholders to partner in address and promote relevant technologies within various agriculture value chains.

These demonstration farms have been established at the Natural Resources College (NRC) in the central region, Bvubwe Research Station in the Southern Region and Lunyangwa Research Station in the Northern region.  During the 2018/19 season, AICC facilitated private sector to mount demonstration plots at these farms where different technologies are being show cased.  In the Southern region, 1.2 hectares of maize and soybeans have been planted while in the Central Region, 3.9 hectares of maize, cotton, soybeans, cow peas and groundnuts have been planted. Similarly, in the Northern Region 5.3 hectares of land is under maize, beans, soybeans, coffee, bananas and elephant grass have been planted. In all these demonstrations sites, private sector partners such MUSECO, PANNAR, SeedCo, Monsanto, Global Seeds, Peacock Seeds and Quton Seed are participating. In addition other partners such as African Women in Agribusiness (AWAB) and International Research Institutions are also participating.


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