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AICC organizes Regional Meetings for the Malawi Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

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The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC), secretariat for the platform of Malawi Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (MRSB), invited different beef value chain players who included; input suppliers, veterinary service providers, government livestock agencies, beef retailers, large and small scale Beef producers, beef processors, Non- Governmental Organisations and many other players interested in revamping the beef sector to regional meetings that were held on 6th November at Lunzu Rural Training Centre (RTC), Blanyre for the southern region and 8th November at Chikho Hotel, Kasungu, for the Northern and Central Region.

The meetings were organized to discuss a road map with regional stakeholders for the governing and programing of the Beef platform, resource mobilization strategy, roll-out strategy and membership mobilization strategy.

Malawi Roundtable for Sustainable Beef platform was formulated as a multi-stakeholder initiative envisioned with the sustainable production of quality beef that meets domestic and international demand. As of date, the secretariat is preparing for the first ever Annual General Meeting that is being planned to endorse the constitution of MRSB, inaugurate board members and Internalize Terms of References for Technical Working Group (TWGs), discuss endorsement and implementation of MRSB Platform roll-out strategy, formulation of a resource mobilization strategy and formulate membership mobilization strategy.


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