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21st June 2019 was a joyous day for some of Malawi’s youth agrepreneurs. Coming from central, southern as well as northern parts of Malawi, the young agrepreneurs brought together pavilions to showcase strides and innovations that they are making in the agriculture sector in Malawi.

Being an agro-based economy, Malawi has a long history of subsistence agriculture where people have been encouraged to farm enough to make sure that their families are food secure for the entire year. Whilst many young people have been a part of this subsistence movement, there has over the past decades been frustration because of the lack of economic empowerment that the subsistence aspect brings. As a result, many young people have been crossing the borders into South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana in search of greener pastures. However, it is unfortunate that whilst they are running away from fertile land that can earn them economic empowerment, stories of many young people are heard of being trafficked and many dying in the process of trying to illegally enter other countries.


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Savior Nkhonjera names AICC her “redeemer”

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 2015 is the year which still runs in the mind of one savior Nkhonjera. It is a year which she swears it will never go past her memory.

It was in early April soon after harvesting that she came across AICC’s field officer through Agricultural Extension Office. At this time, AICC was talking to people about the goodness of coming together, form a cooperative and adopt Good Agricultural Practices. To her, this seemed as something that would never materialize because a lot of people that were at the gathering had lost their trust in farming. They cited poor markets, increase in seed prices and unfavorable climatic conditions as some of the reasons that made them lose hope in farming.

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AICC Tree Planting Initiative

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African Institute of Corporate Citizenship on Friday, February 1, 2019, embarked on a tree planting exercise at Malambalala Primary School, T A.  Kachindamoto in Dedza. During the exercise, over 1000 trees seedlings were planted at the school.  

Among the dignitaries  that were in attendance include the Acting Director of Forestry Mr. Mankhambera who was also the guest of honour, the District Commissioner, Mr. Matewere, The District Education Manager, Dr. Ngaiyaye the district forestry department, the Member of Parliament for the area Ms. Juliana Lunguzi, Malambalala Primary School teachers and learners, Chiefs and community members in the area. 

Speaking at the tree planting ceremony, the CEO of AICC, Dr. Felix Lombe said that considering the problems the school is facing such as the blowing off of the roof of school one of the school blocks, AICC though it wise to come up with such initiative of planting trees surrounding the school.   In his remarks, he said that tree planting in the area is crucial in the sense that it will help to serve rice farmers with adequate water for their schemes in the long term.  He further urged the community to take care of the trees planted.  

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