Rice – About

Rice – About

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This platform aims at improving the rice value chain in Malawi by engaging farmers, traders, processors and other stakeholders. The focus is to increase the amount of rice traded by ensuring that high quality rice is produced consistently and in adequate supply.

AICC MAP has a track record of success which places it in a strong position to encourage farmers to apply innovative technologies and to improve their yields. During MAP phase 1, AICC supported over 4,000 farmers in the production of quality rice for the past three years and linked them to the millers and supermarkets.

After maize, rice is one of the most important cereal crops that contributes to the diversification of Malawi export base and serves the growing domestic demand. Through the Irrigation and Rural Livelihood Agricultural Development Project (IRLAD), the Government of Malawi (GoM) has been rehabilitating rice irrigation schemes across the country that were also part of AICC Malawi Agricultural Partnership (MAP) phase I.

Custom Presets

Gantry provides the ability for you to create your own custom presets based on any parameter in the template administrator.

  • Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_cerulean
  • Click "Presets"
  • Configure the Settings
  • Click Save → Save Preset
  • Follow the Preset Saver procedure

You can edit the prebuilt presets in the gantry.config.php file, or use the User Interface method outlined above.

When you create a new custom preset, there is a default image used in the preset chooser to represent this. You can create your own thumbnail for each style by creating a png file that is the 'short' name of the preset with the dimensions of 180px x 100px.

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