About Agriculture Hackathon

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AICC is implementing agriculture hackathon that will increase smallholder farmer and rural youth participation in innovation development coupled with entrepreneurship skill in order to build resilience among rural communities. The project will motivate and inspire farmers and youth to take a leading role in solving challenges faced by the sector through agriculture hackathon. The project will provide solutions to problems that are causing low productivity and production in agriculture sector due to low access to improved inputs, poor extension services, low access of finance and poor coordination among stakeholders etc.

Implementation of effective agriculture hackathon process depend on meaningful participation of smallholder farmers and rural youths through two major pillars. Firstly, mobilization and coordination of involved stakeholders is very paramount. This is to be achieved through farmer and youth community mobilization in groups and stakeholders’ coordination at district and community level. On the other hand, there is need to thoroughly strengthen engagement of smallholder farmers and rural youth groups in the agriculture hackathon through capacity building in human centered design thinking and entrepreneurship skill.